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- Lupin professor will be back
- Lilly Potter 's Love Stroy
- Hermionee(I don't know her name correct or not) will be prefect
- Mrs.Freak is witch and secret keeper for harry in order of Dumbledore
- Dumbledore will be death from tried to kill Voldermort
- Snep (I don't know his name correct or not) will be spy for Dumbledore side
- Quidditch Tournament with other school
- Hermionee will meet Victer Krum in summer that make Ron crazy because he love Hermionee
- Colin or Jinny will be death from saving Harry 's life
- Pattonia (I don't know her name correct or not) know many thing about her sister (Lilly Potter)
Datbase from
Just translate from there ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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