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Pascal is back after being away in China for a very long time and releases a new version of the very best Game Gear and Sega Master System Emulator for the Dreamcast Console, heres the news from this release:

"Finaly it's here ;) sorry for the delay but i was waiting for the Dreamcast Demo Disc from Dreamcast scene.So me and Heliophobe are proud to present you Sms Plus v0.2 for DC. Enjoy ;)

Sms Plus v0.2 for Dreamcast news:

use of DMA texture transfert
added single game emulation
added paddle emulation
added preliminary ligthgun emulation
added favourites games saving
added CodeMaster game mapper
added Rapid fire
fixed 2 player in-game menu
corrected the 32 chars lenght games name mixed up
redone vmu handling, unfortunatly now imcompatible with previous version.Delete all the old configuration files. as it got renamed for being more standard. Saves states and sram are concerned too :\

3D glasses faking
Some others i can remind ;)"

Download either from Pascals Site or from this DCEmu UK SMS Plus DC Page

Excellent Release ;)
The already good emulator has just been updated, click here for Pascal's homepage to download the files if interested :)
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