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Sms Psp V0.1

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Hello all I have just carried an emulator this night I did not sleep I was made the master system and gamegear any walk impecable but I did not put the sound still normal in one night one cannot do everything it turns has 60FPS I have to test above Alex kidd in miracle world:wub: sonic, bubble, black belt ect..... tout plays of my childhood in made:D. it is the version 0.1 lol but it is already not badly it emulates has 100% for the moment there is not explores to choose that rom but that come how fonctione emulator? . it is enough to place the eboot.pbp in x:/PSP/GAME/SMS/and to put your rom sega master system not zipper to re-elect in sega.sms in x:/psp/game/sms/roms/reponder on the forum if you found planting pendans emulation of je plays will update it trés trés quickly.

Amicalement Yoshihiro
i want a psp so bad now.
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It's great to have a psp but as far as most of the emulators go for psp, they require firmware 1.0 to function and since I just got me a new PSP it has firmware 1.51 and so no emulator works for me. Hope they make 'em for the newer PSP's soon.
You could probably do a google search and find 1.0
I think I will wait till I choose which hand-held system I will get. I am examining which games are coming out for both the DS and PSP and then I shall decide which to purchase.

That may seem off-topic, but I believe that DS emulation will come out of the works at some point. As for reverting back to a previous firmware, i'd personally wait until the emu's support the current version.

r2rX :D
yeah, I agree, I suppose why they haven't updated to the newest firmware is because they wanna optimize it for the firmware they are using now and work it up from there, I suppose.
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