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Relevant? Well, maybe... maybe not..

There are some exciting developments in GBA emulation. It already does a pretty good job of running emus of Sinclair Spectrum, Space Invaders Arcade Machine and Most notably NES. I also have it from people very active on the GBA Emu scene that shortly, a Sega Master System / Sega Game Gear emulator for GBA will be released.. The code is near complete, with some optimisation left to do.. Apparantly it runs at full speed. My source is a trustworthy one and is well respected on the GBA scene by users and programmers alike..

Don't flame me for this post, my source is respectable and I hope he wasn't getting carried away too much.. I told me of the emulator when I asked about the technical feasibility of the GBA emulating SMS/GG... I was interested in getting a project started, seems he was many steps ahead.
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