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hmm.. not exactly emu related but post ur own story made with smiles!!!!
once upon a time there were 2 happy smiles
:) :)
they talked to each other every day and were very happy
:D :D
but soon they got bored and started getting mad at each other
:mad: :mad:
They created an all out war with the coolest weapons they could find
first smash :smash:
then laser :laser:
and then the MG :mg:
and then the rockets :rockets:
and they decided, :heh: war wasn't that great, it wasn't good to be dead
So... they started looking at each other.... :eyemove:
Spying on each other :spy:
Could this be love????? :love:
Then came um :wtf: -wtf? lol make ur own story and post it here - uh i was just bored -

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One day a cool smiley :cool: went for
a walk through the bad part of town
wher he got shot at
:laser: :mg: :rockets:

Now the cool smiley :cool: was so awesome
that he dodged all the bullets, lasers and what
not and promptly began harrassing :p :fingers:
the gang bangers.

This really mad them mad :mad:
And they began to shout :shout:
They eventually cought up with
the cool :cool: smiley but he pretended
like he didnt do any thing wrong :innocent:

When about five :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
angry smileys surounded him, he took out his mallet:smash:
and knocked the bad smileys out cold
:dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead:

Now a very hot smiley saw this and began to blush :emb:
cuz cool :cool: smiley was looking at her and ;) winking
the two then fell in love:love: and lived happily ever after

The end

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This was one story I wrote before, when Bobbi introduced the new smilies..... oh the memories ;)

One day, I had an :argue: with my :love: girlfriend. I was so :mad: I :shout: at her and said :fingers:. To my :eek: she :cry: and :cry: and :cry:. That made me real :sad: and I felt :stupid: for saying what I just said. I apologized, she :), we :love: each other again, and later on that night....... :wtf:

:evil: :evil: :evil:

Hope you like my little story.. heheh :p

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And here's the sequel.... (also in an older thread about smilie)

.. as we were :wtf:, we heard a car driving into the driveway. ":eek:, it's my parents!" she said. Needless to say, I was :eek::eek:!! Then, she had an :idea:. "Go hide under the bed... I'll :eek: and act :innocent: to distract them." So there I was, under the bed.

So her father walked into the room. But how :stupid: of me, my feet were sticking out..:doh: He noticed, I crawled out from under the bed, :emb:, :), acted :innocent: and :heh:. Boy he wasn't impressed. He :shout: :shout: :shout:, and :rockets: and :mg: and :laser:.

All I could do is run and :cry: for :help:.

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