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Hello i have a probleme when play SMG;

My Configuration :

Intel Dual Core [email protected] Ghz (OC Stable Orthos 6 hours non stop)
4 GB DDR2 Gskill
HD4870 1 GB Sapphire VaporX
Windows XP SP3 32bits

Dolphin SVN 3891 (Orleans Skydrive)
Default setting
Framelimitter expérimental Desable
Watch dog set up 60
Audio Full enable
OpenGL Fullscreen 1920*1080 4x
Overlay FPS Enable, Autoscale enable
SMG PAL Edition
Wii tab (French, bottom, all desable)

My probleme, when i creae a new game, i play, it's perfectly the 1st level (keep a rabbit) a second level (Kill for put a key) and dolphin IL crash when save a star (3rd Level) :(:(:(:(

A solution because this crash ? And a game not save oOoOoOoOoOoOoO

Sorry for my bad english

Help me, i want play SMG everytimes i love this games

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If it doesn't work, try using the normal version instead of the IL one. ;)
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