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small issue

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ok im new i hope this question wasnt answered before i looked but couldnt find anything..

everything works fine but when i run the cd i configured the sony thing you know time language etc.. but i cant load the game i go to browse and theres two memmory cards i dont see where i can launch the game im trying to run gran turismo 3 any advice..
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Go into Config menu and choose configure. Select a plugin that is not null (peops cdvd or linuz iso). These things are in the bositman's configuration guide, which is here. Please spend some time studying the manual, it's sure to answer many of your questions.;)
ok i took care of that now the game credits load right.. and then the screen goes black i see the frames moving fast and all but it just stays black screen.. i dont get it..
If your screen goes black, and all the numbers in the title bar are either frozen or gone to zero (this being cpu%, kbpf), and you get nothing after waiting a few minutes, then it's safe to assume that is as far as you are going to get.;) Wait for the next release and see if it is fixed there.
Your games doesn't progress because it might not be fully emulated. As you might know PCSX2 is a Work In Progress, meaning it isn't complete and might run some games (at very slow speed), but might not runs others. You are lucky you still got the credits showing.. keep checking your others games, but dont post about problem like a game isn't working as it wont help either you or us.. good luck
you are best off trying to run the game via File->Run CD, using Run->Execute will load the bios, the only way you can load the game from there is if you are using a bios version of 1.6 or lower
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