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Small DMC issue

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I seem to be having a minor issue with Devil May Cry. Here's a pic of it:

The upper left hand side is always like that. I can't see the health bar at all.
This only happens when I don't have native resolution enabled. The problem with enabling it is the game looks like crap.

I was wondering if there was anything else I could try.

PC specs:
Intel core2duo @ 3.0 Ghz
Vista 32bit

Emulator: 9.6 beta
GSDX settings:
Resolution - 1680x1050
Renderer - DX10(Hardware)
D3D internal res - 1680x1050

I've tried different resolutions, different plugins, different settings but it seems the only way to remove that box is to enable native resolution, which causes the game to look horrible.
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unless you know how to program pcsx2 to fix this issue or you can get the devs to fix this (which i doubt as it may take way too much time and may break something else)...

all i can say is this you are running the game a higher resolution than it was made for, so expect bugs like this...

the only other solution is to play with the internal resolution and external resolution to more of a scale of the native resolution like double or triple.... but from my experience it wont work as its not a scaling issue but some special renders become offset as they were told to render at a certain resolution but due to a higher reslolution it shifts to a wrong position...

As for the game looking like crap, well why are you plaing a game for its graphics huh, as far as i can remember the native resolution it still looks better than dmc3 on pc at high res
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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