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Slow Wireless connection

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Just got to my friends house, and she has a normal PC, and a toshiba notebook.
She has ADSL, a Speedstream 5200 E240 ADSL modem, and bought some wireless equipment: a D-link Wireless Router DI-624 and with it came a "Wireless Cardbus Adapter" (pcmcia?) DWL-G650.

Now the facts:
The Wireless Router stays in her room, and the notebook stays in the living room, just behind the bedroom. She said it used to work just fine, but her brother messed up with the router config, and now it barely works, keep loosing the connection all the time.
What should i do to restore it?
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If you think its just a config issue you could reset the router. There should be a little button to push on the back. Check the manual for specific instructions so you don't screw it up or anything.
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