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Slow downs

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So, this is probably a dumb question.. but are there some better gfx plugins or something that doesn't slow down as much? I tried running from the disk, and then I ripped it and tried from an iso, and then tried from an ISO on daemon tools, and it still slows down, only in certain parts, like in FF7 and Saga frontier, it slows down in the battles, and the menus.. Any ideas?
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what plugins are you using currently? what are your computer's specs?
My comp specs:
Dual Geforce 6800 (128x2 for a total of 256mb)
3.3ghz p4
1gig memo

and my plugins would be:
Pete's openGL 2.5
P.E.Op.S. DSound audio driver 1.7
and then rest are just the internal plugins for controllers and what not.
Well... I'd suggest there was a driver or setup issue. Try having a look at my site.
Oh, and make sure your drive isn't fragged to hell
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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