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Make sure you have samba installed. If it is,you should have a nice command called smbmount that you can use to mount the windows share. I think the syntax is...

smbmount //ipaddressofwindowsbox/sharename /mnt/point/on/linux/box -U username

The -U switch could be -u but I can't remember. You might have to use a username and password to access the share. If it's not right, just type man smbmount to get the syntax from the man page.

That is just another way of mounting a samba share. I use this method every time. Proto's way will work as well, however after the word mount I'd add in "-t smbfs" just to be sure that the mount command uses samba to mount it but that just me :p Also in my experience, I can't get the mount command to work sometimes...not sure why :p

About the protocol not supported part...I'm not quite sure since I haven't used kxdocker or xmount before.

About getting your IP Linux just run (if you are logged in as a normal user) sudo ifconfig. That will show you every active network interface on your machine and its IP address.
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