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How to config it i made it work but now epsxe 1.40 hangs at KCET
what is the config for this?

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Actually I had the same problem.......there is some problem with the CD rom booting and I would suggest U to mess around with the CD rom emulaion Plugins............What do I mean by that...............?

Enable Accurate CD rom Reading..........!
and the other options in it.............well it is for sure that silent hills does run epsxe........!


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Yo pple..I had some problems starting up Silent Hill initially, same problem of hanging
at the KCET screen. Besides the accurate timing issue, there also seems to be some conflicts
between the game(the F4 thing?) and the memcard.

if there is no or an empty memcard, the game loads. The game refused to start (hanging at
the KCET screen) once there was an ingame save. The game started again once the memcard was
deleted...think there are some old posts regarding this issue.

Well, in the end I played through the game using savestates instead, with the memcard boxes intentionally left blank. i thought this might help you in getting Silent Hill started (yup as liaqatali
said it works with the new 1.4 too).

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