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Seen before, I hope they keep the grainy effect on the whole movie and is not just in the trailer or just a few parts of the movies, it looks pretty good, and very creepy. With Akira Yamaoka doing the soundtracks and Konami keeping a close eye on, I doubt they would ruin it but we still have to wait and see it. To be honest, I have faith in the film just because it is not an Uwe Boll production. :)
XxCrashxX said:
I really do like the trailers but I was slightly disappointed that the main character wasnt a guy like in SH1
I actually think that is a good move because that way, we won't get complains on how an actor can't keep up with the main character in the game, failing to play that guy, etc. I read about the plots a while ago too, it is the same as SH, but the main character is replaced with a woman.
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