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Silent Hill ^_ePSXe_^ Pete's D3D

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I recommend this game these days :evil:
Not for the weak :p
The scariest game I have ever played :cool: ( in the PlayStation 1:D )
Resident Evil? that's child's stuff :eek: ;)
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Originally posted by ryu_joko
Can i join the chat, or i am too late ?
btw, have you ever play clock tower ?,
so sh*t it's pis**d me out !!
try it yourself.
I tried Clock Tower - Ghost head. I dont like the gameplay... and the game isnt scary. If u compare it to silent hill, it will be like a kid stuff.
Clock tower 1 make my heart beats very very very fast...
Silent hill make me scare.
Resident evil 1 make me shock.
just that.
So far, the 2 best horror games for me are resident evil 1 and silent hill.

Resident Evil 1 - the first 3d and horror game i played, havent seen this kind of game b4,so it really scared me,especially when the dogs jumped out from the windows,u know,i used hi-fi and the volume is quit high.....hehe.
I dont kow about veronica code, but re2 and re3 are just craps.. if they dare to say they r horror games..... i was laughing all the way when i was playing them... deeply dissapointed..

Silent hill - took 30-60 mins ro test this game to see whether worth to play it,end up with : hahahahhaaaa ,this is horror game!?? deeply dissapointed... BUT, tried it again after few days, and paid more time to test it... well, started to feel scary at the middle part. HEHEHE :eyes:
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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