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Silent Hill ^_ePSXe_^ Pete's D3D

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I recommend this game these days :evil:
Not for the weak :p
The scariest game I have ever played :cool: ( in the PlayStation 1:D )
Resident Evil? that's child's stuff :eek: ;)
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This game is really scary.I finished it on epsxe about a month ago.I used earphones for the best effects .The story is good too.And that piano puzzle was really cool.
Originally posted by Nightmare
well, i tried this game again about when no one in my house,turned off the light,and used ear phone to get the best effect......

It is scary when i was wandering in the school..... :eyes: hohoho...
Wait some time and story will make the game more scarier and weirder.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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