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Silent Hill ^_ePSXe_^ Pete's D3D

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I recommend this game these days :evil:
Not for the weak :p
The scariest game I have ever played :cool: ( in the PlayStation 1:D )
Resident Evil? that's child's stuff :eek: ;)
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The match also resists the rain :eek: :D
This game scares :evil:
And people of the town? :eyes:
Did some try to escape from the town?
Going toward the school
In the entrance of the school
Originally posted by Omegainf
jezz... how can you guys say RE and SH are scary??????? Have you guys ever played "Phatnasmagoria (PC)" alone at night???
PSX Emulation shots
Basically this it is a forum to chat of PSX games ;)
In pc there are very good games :)
1 - 15 of 44 Posts
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