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Silent hill 4 PC

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Recently, there has been issues concerning about SH4 doesn't work for PC, one it requires a dvd-driver, two.. there is a cd-protection error (please insert disk), and this problem I had when I try to run it..

" A crash occured during the last game. Using safer graphic options. "

any idea ?
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cd protections and silent hill 4

well for one i got silent hill 4 dvd and it works fine and the game is decent enough to play, i just also hate certain cd protections myself. for example the one used in a game called operation flash point that if you had the wrong software installed it would take no less than reformating to get game to even patch and company literally did nothing to really fix issue and to this day have yet bought software made by tham.(game company for your info is codemaster) but yes in a situation liek that crackign the game is last resort but i never have to usually.

well to my other topic, 2 years ago in high school i did a research project on cd protections and you be amazed what i found and i can find the sources again if you want the proof. seems a few of the original creators of the compact disk and many others feel that any cd protection is actually considered illegal as it not only takes away the rights of the consumer to be able to make legal back ups(yes thats legal) but also it defects the cds and makes some almost unusable(umm isn't that becoming more common now?). you see how its suppose to go is a lot of those companies making these cds are suppose to get money off all the stuff liek blank cds and what not that is sold but since they put all those copy protectiosn out they also lose that money but also companies from what i read have been quietly sued for the protections(i can name a few on here if you like)

well just thought i throw my 2 cents in on this thing :thumb: (and if theres any mistakes, i am sorry its late and not had much sleep)
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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