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Silent hill 4 PC

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Recently, there has been issues concerning about SH4 doesn't work for PC, one it requires a dvd-driver, two.. there is a cd-protection error (please insert disk), and this problem I had when I try to run it..

" A crash occured during the last game. Using safer graphic options. "

any idea ?
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those problems are very annoying, it happened to me last week with vampire bloodlines, I came back from the store very eager to play it and after installing and patching the thing it didn't recognized the cd, after trying reseting, reinstalling, uninstalling virtual drives I just cracked the thing and it worked flawless.

I know it's forbidden but geez...
I have no problem with copy protection, but they should make VERY sure that ppl buying their games won't have ANY problems because of it.

of course none is always better, my ut2004 dvd gives thanks to epic to this day.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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