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Silent hill 4 PC

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Recently, there has been issues concerning about SH4 doesn't work for PC, one it requires a dvd-driver, two.. there is a cd-protection error (please insert disk), and this problem I had when I try to run it..

" A crash occured during the last game. Using safer graphic options. "

any idea ?
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Well, I have never heard of any of these problems before....firstly, i'd suggest poping over to the Konami forum, and then try a web search which should hopefully lead you somewhere helpful.

If I find any extra information regarding your problem, I will post it here. ;)

r2rX :D
That's what's annoying. They never spend time on PC users! :(

B.T.W, what are the chances they can write a simple patch for MGS1 that will update the game with the motion blur effects? :)

..wishful thinking, I know. ;)

r2rX :D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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