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I've got a question about signatures... about signatures made in flash :)
What would you say if we could make and post here such? Of course it should have its limitations like dimentions - same as are now, size - from 1 kb to 150kb(but if it is bigger than 30 kb it should have preloader, probably 150 kb is too big, I'll check when I'll be back home from work), it should have no sound, fps should be between 15 - 17 fps ect (if sth more will come in my mind I post it here).
So what do you think?
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I feel like flash sigs are too distracting and draw your attention away from the actual post.

Just my 2 cents.
i agree. i only have a small picture and some informative text in my signature. i dont want to see crazy animated signatures or anything like that. also, you gotta adapt to the 56k brethren out there (yes there are them) who dont want to load an entire megabyte for a page of will just take forever
We had this raised before when we were revamping certain avatar/sig rules. The general consensus was no for similar reasons as have already been raised. Little has changed since then.
well, it would be advantageous from the POV that small anmated sigs could look good while not affecting 56k users (like me :p) but I guess that as the time goes, it would look like a porn site (meaning too much animated stuff everywhere).... so it would not be so good after all....
ok, I know everything I want, time for mods to lock this thread :)
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