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I've been having the good old "voice sample doesn't load so the game just sits there" problem. I've tried all the settings that I've found here for Eternal SPU, then I tried the OPS or something settings, then I just tried to get past it with a No Sound plugin and it still froze.

The part I'm freezing at is during the A ending, "Black drinks up all other colors." Man, I have seen that line so much. For some reason during this ending, it kept hanging up a LOT. However, if right before the tricky line came up I pushed the shoulder buttons and made the previous text come up, the line would usually play. I have no idea why that worked, but it did. But now this doesn't work (for some reason the lines just don't come up when I push the shoulder buttons at this part).

Anyway, my question is this: because it was freezing so often, I was using save states so I wouldn't have to rewatch the whole ending every time. I usually use memcard so don't jump on me about that. Would it make any difference at all if I reloaded my saved game from before the ending started? And do you have any other possible ideas?
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