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Sid Meier's Pirates!

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Doesn't seem to be any threads about this game, it's pretty fun attacking ships and plundering homes. :lol:

Anyway onto the shots, all are taken at 1024 x 768 max detail.
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pretty good remake of the old game, but with new graphics and gameplay, i did expect a little less monotony. I'de wait til it goes down to about $20 before getting it, then you'll more than likely be satisfied.
This game got a good review in PC Gamer, so I'm sure as heck gonna pick this game up eventually. Probably when it drops in price another $20 or so. Looks really fun, nice screenies.
- Modem
Yeah, it is pretty fun though it can get repetitive since there isn't a very clear main story. Most of the controls are done using the Num Pad which is kinda cool since you don't have to do any actual fighting during the ship invasions.
After the main story it gets really repetitive. And the story goes quick too. Once you figure out where everything is you'll only have to get one piece of the map to find your relatives. After that all you have left to play with is being a pirate, trader, or escort.

Isn't the Pirates of the Carribean similar to this? Maybe I should have bought that instead.
Yes this game is really good, and has a lot going for it. The story can get a little silly as you chase the same guy for info (Baron Raymondo anyone). Definitely worth the money.
it's just one of those remake games you realy enjoy to play :thumb: :D (gonna find the 'oryginal' it should be here somewhere.
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