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I learned today that the PS2 development kits use Linux as an OS. Does it mean that the PS2 emulator(s) will probably be developed on Linux machines or do you think that due to the high installed base PS2 emulators will run on Windows?

Does anyone know a good tutorial about gnu Linux compiler :)

Stop smoking crack.

Just because game development for PS2 is done on another platform, doesn't mean the emulation of it will have to be developed on that platform as well.

FYI, quite a few of emulators for Win32 are developed on *nix anyway. Examples include: MAME, Modeler, SNES9x, etc.

Anyway, GCC cross-compiles to a multitude of platforms, and with the recent rise in popularity of mingw, most linux projects can have win32 ports quite easily.

If you have an interest in GCC, visit
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