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Should we label DeSmuMe as the "Official Tool-Assisting Speedrun Emulator for NDS"?

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Like the topic, should we?


DeSmuMe can record gameplay into AVI formats and some raw footage. With a weak PC, but capable of playing a game at least 6 FPS perfectly, recording the speedrun would possibly be an easier task. After the recording, the then-created AVI file will play the replay at a normal speed. If you made a mistake, you can use the savestate option to replay the game at a particular area.


When the emulation is paused, by pressing "N" (Frame Advance Hotkey), you can actually exploit sprite glitches and sprite collisions that can give you advantages. I'm wondering if transparency is the main cause of incorrect collision detection?

However, testing isn't available (Not on my computer) for now.
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it is already the official tas emulator for nds according to, not that there is even a contest since it is the only emulator with the necessary tools.

i dont think there is any collision detection based on sprite pixels or transparency. if you have found incorrect collision detection, then you have just found a bug in the game software.
Ok. Thank you for the reply.
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