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Should I upgrade to DX 8

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I have a Duron 800-MHZ and a Voodoo5 videoboard. I'm presently running DirectX7.a and everything is fine. Is there any advantage with EPSXE if I download ind install DirectX8?
My first priority with my system is STABILITY.
Any tip or opinion is welcome
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I've no problem with DX8
U should have dx8: There s a lot of programs that use dx8 now.
ePSXe speed didn t improve w/ dx8 when I ve installed it (until the dx8.1 heh, I gained at least 5 fps w/ my old geforce256).
Stability i dunno cuz i m usin' win2k and it s very stable...
anyway, u should d/l dx8.. U will be forced to do it someday ;)

*ahem* I can provide one reason not to download, but it is a very specialized reason. If you are running a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz it will very much kill your sound in certain games though it won't affect epsxe at all as far as I can tell. But in PC games like Drakan, and any games from Black Isle (i.e. Baldur's Gate) your sound will distort and echo horribly, which can be fixed except for Drakan by lower the acceleration on your soundcard to the 2nd to last notch. Which doesn't let you have 3d sound which is very much a pity. But that is the only reason I know of not to upgrade.
You should have no problems w/DX 8. I like it just fine when I was using it. I'm now using DX 8.1 beta build 670. It is fantastic and faster than DX 8 as well. I'm not going back.
Where did you find DirectX 8.1 build 670? The latest version I found is build 620.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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