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Should I get a dual core CPU?

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Well, I'm finally going to get the new processor I was supposed to get last christmas (I wasn't able to before because my grades weren't good enough). But I was wondering, is now a good time to get a dual core CPU, or should I stick to single core for now? I know in terms of speed in current games an FX would be better unless the games utilize heavy multithreading. However, if a lot of games are going to come out soon that do this, maybe getting one wouldn't be such a bad idea. The way I see it, multithreading is the way of the future for game code. The archetecture of the 360 and PS3 will practically require programmers to move in that direction, so doesn't it stand to reason that PC gaming will soon follow? What do you guys think?

Also, I heard there will be dual core FX CPUs pretty soon too. Should I maybe just wait to get one of them?
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I'd say wait with buying a computer, they're saying that with improved mutli-cores will we see 15x performance increase within a not to distance future... I would never buy a computer right now. On top of that I have a feeling prices will drop when next-gen consoles comes along.
How little of a distance is it exactly? There will always be great new technology somewhere on the horizon, but if you're always waiting for the next big thing then you'll never actually get around to buying what's avalible in the present. Do you think that maybe I should go for some relatively cheap hardware now, and save up for a better upgrade in two years or so? My 1.7Ghz CPU and Geforce 3 really aren't enough to play any new PC games coming out lately, so I don't want to be stuck with them for too long before I upgrade.
I would say go ahead and get a new comp/comp parts now since i see no use for dualcore right now.
At the moment, most games would not benefit from dual/multi core CPUs. That will probably change in the future (talking years, not months), but we're not there yet.
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