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Shots from NextGL1.3

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OK here's the usual rundown, Celeron 600 @ 900, 128Mb, TNT2 ultra with NickK's NextGL1.3 MMX.

Great job, NickK. Every game I tried improved since the last version. I still can't get GT2 to play though. At least I got past the first two screens in GT2 by waiting about 20sec, but I got an error which made me reboot before I even bought a car. Also I tried using a savestate to start a race(like I did in NextGL1.1 & 1.2), but I got the same general program error.

Well on to the pics...Soul Reaver first
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Here's an in game from soul reaver, Raziel is looking at what's supposed to be a portal to another room, but it just shows up grey.
Some spectral realm goons.
The black band through the middle of this shot is supposed to a thin layer of transparent fog/mist.
Oh! Thanks :) About your problem with GT2. Go into the texture caching settings and turn the pirimitive cache up. You'll also want to check "flush at limit" in the primitive cache section. Some games eat up a lot of memory with 32-bit textures enabled. If you have 192MB RAM, set the cache to some large value like 128MB. I'm assuming you didn't check that out, but that's some helpful advice that I hope will get GT2 working for you!
These last two shots of Soul Reaver are a comparison between NextGL1.3 and Pete's OpenGL1.52
I just did this so you can see how the blue ball is supposed to look with a tail/tracer instead alot of individual balls.
Here's a similar shot with Pete's OpenGL.
About the blue balls/fog. They don't look correct yet, because semi transparency isn't implemented yet. Um, that's something I'll do in a future release :D
Hey, did you have brightness enabled as well? :) Sure makes things brighter this time around, eh? :D
Well here's how I had the config for all my games...
[NextGL] MMX/SIMD v1.3

--[Graphics settings]--
Screen Width: 800
Screen Height: 600
Color depth: 16
Full screen? (Yes)
Use Brightness? (Yes)
- Brightness level: 3 <-----I like brightness:D

--[Texture cache settings]--
Debug output? (No)
Debug output extended? (No)
Sprite cache debug output? (No)
Use texture caching? (Yes)
- Use sprite caching? (Yes)
- Limit Sprites? (Yes)
- Flush at limit? (No)
- Use primitive caching? (Yes)
- Enable notification? (Yes)
- Full page updates? (Yes)
- Enable memory manager? (Yes)
- Low notification freq? (No)
- Flush at limit? (Yes)
- Cache exit mode: Destroy

--[Frame limiting]--
Use frame limiting? (No)

See I had flush at limit already on.
BTW I have 128Mb RAM and the cache was already at 105Mb.
I appreaciate your tips, but... got anymore?

I'll put up more pics tomorrow, as I must get to bed now. I have pics of Tenchu2, Spiderman, Army men: Green Rogue, and Bushido Blade2. All have improved greatly since NextGL1.2
Thanks NickK,
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Actually... Try disabling notification and playing the game for a bit. See what happens :) If the game works OK then it's just a texture uploading problem. Tell me how that works :)
your plugins coming along gr8.
Oh well, same result without notification.
I'll catch up with you tomorrow. :D
Thanks :D

Maybe one day I will get a copy of GT2 so I can make it playable sometime... ?

I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that it uses a lot of palettized textures.
Yep as you can see the menus get messed up pretty quick. Alot of times the mess can be cleaned by escape and resume, but I tried a couple of times to play the game and both times ePSXe crashed when I was trying to buy a car. I went to a dealership to buy a car and while I'm looking at the list of cars ePSXe crashes.
Now for Tenchu2. This screen has been fixed since the last version.
This is from a cutscene. It played very slow, about 5fps. Also some of the textures were messed up.
In NextGL1.2 this screen was nothing but a grey background with a bunch of white squares in it. Now it looks perfect!

BTW when I do a stealth kill the screen goes completely grey till the kill scene is over.
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