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Shockwave flash object?

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Well I friend of mine downloaded some stuff on the net and there is one that say its file type is a "shockwave flash object"... but the thing is, it is not a flash or shockwave file since a flash or shockwave icon should show up right... can anyone tell me how to open or what program should you use?
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What's it's full filename including extention?
well I made him do a screenshot and send me the image... here it is...
did you try to open it with internet browser? or media player classic? or just scan it with antyvirus program? :)

is shockwave/flash/java installed on pc you try to run it? :)

dunno what more question I should ask
yup... since the fil is unknown it always ask me what program to use... tried downlaoding the latest shockwave and flash player over macromedia but nothing happens... no its not a virus or a spyware either...
That will open happily in Media Player Classic.
Or if you aren't up to date enough to be using it, you can always drop it into Firefox.... or whatever alternative browser you are using.
oh.. thanks for the information kane, I'll tell my friend right away... but will it only run on a media player classice and not an ordinary media player?
Media Player Classic has the support bolted on, so no.
ok... thanks kane... already told my friend and his downloading it now... thanks again...
Use the GNU File utility. It does an excellent job of identifying unknown file types. There's a build for Windows available.
thats a very interesting tool there scottlc, thanks :)
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