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Praise the devil it's an action rpg! I can't stand turn-based and command-based battle systems anymore. Since the largest amount of time in an rpg is spent in battles, why not make the battles fun?

Exodus said:
thats all its going to be. like the majority of PS2 games. god damn action/rpgs.
The majority of rpg's on the ps2 are action rpg's? Since when? The only action rpg for the ps2 that comes to mind is Star Ocean 2. Everything else (Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, La Pucelle, etc) seems to be command-based.

Exodus said:
I just find action/rpgs to become the most monotonous of all the rpg types. they'd have to be like 15 hours to prevent the boredom from stopping me from playing to the end.
Action rpg's are boring and monotunous? So selecting commands for hour upon hour is better?
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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