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i got a problem with Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1. i cant see the intro movie. Anybody knows why?? Is it a common bug or something?? It seems the rest of game is "fine". i went to PCSX2 official beta and beta plugins and on page 2 he says \\\\\\\\

After some hectic days, here comes a new beta.

Pcsx2 beta 1059

- Finished the new emitter
- New speed hack mainly targeting 3D geometry (vu cycles stealing)
- New speed hack /idle loop fast forward)
-Scaled back the EE load/store cycle count to the theoretical minimum of 1 cycle. (Fixes Digital Devil Saga PAL fmv)
-Break up very long recompiled blocks. Perform a branch test before jumping to the next block.
- Quite a few gif/vif fixes / changes
- Port 2 Multitap should be fixed
- usual code cleanups and optimizations

Known issues:
- Gran Turismo 4 has garbled menus
- Drakengard has garbled textures

Also, updated plugins pack.

Enjoy \\\\\\\\\\\

It should have solved that problem right??? well it did not (yes i have PAL version). If anybody knows how to fix this please tell me.
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