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I can't get correct graphics in sheep dog and wolf PAL.

Every 3d object which includes that characters seem to have bad geometry. The daffy on the country selection keeps bending over rapidly, in game, Wile disappears altogether and can only be localized by the shadow under him, Daffy turns into a stick insect that gets splined into about 30 pieces. The scenery is drawn wrong and also disappears when view from certain positions and angles.

I had changed the GPU from EPSX to Pete's Soft, D3D and OGL, and all of the other popular ones to no avail, some get even worse, as color is altered aswell. I have used pete's game fix settings and none of them can solve it.

Graph: Guillmot MX II Dual Display
Snd: Aureal Vortex 2 Superquad
Mem: 576 MB 133
Prc: 1.1 Ghz AMD Athlon
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