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Shadow Hearts: From the New World

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This game has the most intriguing and bizzare line-up of characters IMO:

A South-american ninja who has a moogle-like antenna namely Frank, a giant female drunken cat named Mao, A spunky vampire girl-Hilde and a Latino named Ricardo who has the most original weapon ever been made in videogame history-

It's like almost all characters are comic-relief, How do they intend to make a dark atmosphered game?

The only normal I see here is Natan and Shania.

I hope this one wont ruin the series.
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A new series of Shadow Hearts.....WOoooW. Is it released on PS2 ? or PS3 ?

Hope this one turnes out as good as Shadow Hearts 2 which I really love that :).
anyone knows what's the storyline this time? is it a sequel or a totally new series?
i looked at the screenshots and they look totally awesome.
It's a sequel, but it seems to be in a new direction, if the completely new logo is any indication. I'm pretty pumped about it, personally. I find it kind of amusing Shania is normal though. :p
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