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SF EX 2 Plus cheats

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Hello. I just got this game, and Ive tried to input a cheat by pushing select a certain amount of times in certain places. But it never works. Ive tried it a dozen times. Is it not possible to input cheats like this in epsxe?

I have a MS Sidewinder that has six buttons, plug n play. I have my start and select buttons as "z" and "x". Ive tried to assign select to one of the buttons on the pad, but that doesnt work either.

Oh, and another thing, the cheat option in epsxe, is it for gameshark codes, or how does that work? Is there any site where I can get saves/memcards with saves?

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The cheat option in ePSXe is made for special codes wich make certain games playable.
To use Gameshark codes you need to use pec:
Thanks, [pec] looks cool, but I need some help.
Ok, I set everything up like it explains in the read me, plugin is in the plug in folder, I set [pec] as the video plugin and then set my regular vid plug in.
Now...when I select my cheats (for sf ex 2 plus, pal) and I click send to plug in (I have both [pec] and epsxe open), it says waiting for plug in, and just stays that way. what am I doin wrong?
Ok, I just found something strange with Sf EX2 plus. Each time I play it, no matter who I pick, I always fight the exact same line up each time (rosso, nanase, blanka, hokatu etc..)! Every single time. Does anyone know why?
well i dont have that game so no i cant help you with that however as far as the [pec] problem the new version apparently doesnt work at all (i tried it) but i'll attach the old [pec] gpu here which does work. what you have to do is replace the new pec dll with the one i attach here. then go into pec and choose the cheats and send to plugin. then goto epsxe and click on video and it will transfer the cheats.
Hey, thanks for the help! Ill go try it out right now
Damn, I still get the same thing, "waiting for plug in". Ive tried wth two diff games, Marvel vs Capcom and SF EX 2

Can someone help me? I still get the "waiting for plugin" message forever.
hmm...i just tried sending the cheats even though i dont own the game. first load pec, choose the cheats and send to plugin. then load epsxe and goto video. make sure psx emulation cheater 1.3 is the gpu plugin. also make sure that you did not minimize the pec window when you loaded should work if you load them like that.
Ok, thanks, Ill try that. They way I was doing it was, I had both programs open, with [pec] gpu as the video plug in already, then I tried to send. I hope it works, thanks.
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