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Settlers 5: Heritage of Kings

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Being a huge fan of the Settlers series, I downloaded the demo of HOK today... I expected a lot of it but it was a real cold shower to me :(
All the things that made the Settlers series special are gone... I found the game mechanics to be a lot like Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires 2 and the payday thing reminded me of Dungeon Keeper. After playing for 20 minutes I gave up because the demo didn't make me want to play it... I'll turn back to Settlers 4 because I want to play a Settlers game, not an Age of Empires rip off :(
So much for my first impression.
Has anyone else played the demo?
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hmm, that doesnt sound good, ive been a fan of the management driven settlers series ever since settlers 2 came out, it sounds like a real shame that they would make it more like a typical rts
I'm gonna try the demo soon, I hope they don't screw up with the series because I'm a big Settlers fan!
Well Cid Highwind, if u wanna play a settlers game then play Settlers 2. 3 & 4 were totaly crap compared to the genious game that Settlers 2 was. I also tried the Settlers 5 demo and was a bit disapointed, but still fun to play around.
I played a few demo levels of S2, and yeah, I liked it :)
But can you tell why it is way better than part 3 and 4?
In 3 and 4 I was glad I didn't have to build roads anymore, because they needed to be made, but they could ruin a beautifull spot for farms or a castle :(
Well Settlers 3 & 4 removed basicly everything that made Settlers 2 such a diferent RTS from the standard type. You're saying S5 became more AoE alike then S4, well i think S3&4 became way more AoE type then 2. Plus all the animations in every building, every road, watching the men transporting the resources around as they are needed in every building etc... even the combat system was cool imo. Well Settlers 2 Gold has gone abandonware so u can get it for free on some abadonware sites. You should try it. I still play it once and a while
Thanx for the the news about S2 Gold :D
Going to look for it right away, thanx :thumb:
Yeap, S2 is the best one IMO but it runs pretty slow on DOSbox =/
Doesn't run on the XP computer here as well, and then there are still people wondering why I don't upgrade to XP on my own computer :rolleyes:
Hum it runs on XP. Bit slow but it runs. Make sure u have compatiblity with 98 option selected.
Going to try that tomorrow then... I hope it works for me, it didn't work with Carmageddon :(
It didn't work here (XP SP2), only using DOSBox =/
Hum maybe its couse of SP2. I have SP1 and i dont even need to do that compatiblity option. I would show you a screenshot but it doesnt work in window mode :p

oh i do get a COM2 error but you can just press ignore that the game continues, thats couse S2 can use 2 mouses to play in split screen.
That's the same error I get... But my mouse does not work if I click ignore oO
Do you have it connect troughted USB or PS2? Most probably wont work trough USB.
PS2, that's the strangest thing. I don't know if it's considered as THE com2 port... but it's the only (purple) one where my mouse fits.

Btw, my n00bass little brother was complaining about me having settlers 2 on the family computer... He thought it would take up valuable HD space :rolleyes:
yeah. those precious 20MB :p
Yup, those are the moments I feel like a genius when it comes down to computers :heh:

Oh, and I also have SP2... it also broke my mothers favorite game of Solitile (Mah Jongh) She didn't like it: "stupid computers, can't you do something about it son?"
"No mom, sorry, blame it all to Microsoft :p"
(don't feel like explaining DosBox, since I'm having trouble working with it as well :emb: )
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