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SetPixelFormat Failed ?

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what is this?

I have this in Win2K.
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thanks ;) - I'm using DX8.0a and Detonator Xp -
Originally posted by Pete Bernert
"SetPixelFormat failed" could also mean that you are using a desktop color depth which is not supported in my gpus... prolly you are trying to run window mode on a 256 color desktop... try a fullscreen mode (and don't forget to enable the "change desktop settings" in the ogl plugin) or set your desktop to at least a 16 bit color depth.
thanks Pete, but i think I already have the answer thanks to Fou-Lu. Is to set the card to R5G5B5A1.
I set my desktop resolution to 1024x768x16 all the time.
But thanks anyway.

PS: the weid problem is, this never happens in Win9x/ME. I recently just installed Win2K. So I still never knew what else I could find in this new system ;)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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