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Serious Sam HD The First Encounter

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classic remake of the ol serious sam game using Serious Engine 3, still lovin the ol school mindless shooting.
also got Dirt 2 demo, will post some Dirt 2 shots soon.

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I'm a bit disappointed in the performance of this game, mainly in that my 9600GT and P7350 can only run it at mid settings to keep the game smooth. Otherwise it is an absolute blast to play, even with the gameplay being incredibly dated.

The only other issue I have is some of the texturing, the majority is really good, high res stuff, but some objects such as the teleporter, the wall paintings on the opening level all stick out with their low resness and detract from the whole HD moniker.
Meh, our 9600GT is old so im not expecting it to max out most games today and maintain good performance, i just play it with mixed settings that is comfortable with my system :|

And ol school dated gameplay is still addicting :D, Serious sam HD The Second encounter will be out next year, Serious Sam 2 was a dissapointment tho...

btw, moar video, got bored of static screenshots...
"now that's a lot of bull"
almost died in the end lol
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter is free from steam from July 8 to July 11

these steam deals are gettin crazier, even the publisher is seriously pissed :mad:

Devolver Digital pissed about Serious Sam HD's free Steam weekend

"Fork Parker, Chief Financial Officer at Devolver Digital, isn't happy about the events unfolding on Steam between July 8th and July 11th.

According to a recent press release from Croteam, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter's multiplayer will be free to play all weekend on the digital distribution platform. Players who still haven't "bathed in the redeeming light of high-definition" can experience modes like Co-Op Survival, My Burden, and Beast Hunt alongside classic deathmatch and campaign co-op.

3 days of free Serious Sam HD carnage.

In response, Fork Parker at Devolver Digital, had this to say:

“This is total bull****. How are we supposed to make any money by giving away our sweet multiplayer juice for free?”

To make matters worse for the company, and sweeter for gamers, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter will also get a 50% price cut, making it a $10 purchase.

“Goddamnit,” replied Fork when asked for further comment.
lol, well I hope they did their math, cause if this publicity stunt turns out well Steam might come back with some sales statistics instead. Besides, I think they signed a contract about these kind of things.
this was also posted in the site i linked:

*Editors Note: It's amazing how many people lack a sense of humor. Seriously folks, the tone of this article only mimics the official press release from the company. The quotes are real, and part of the press release, and clearly intended to be comedic.

playin the second encounter, still teh good ol frantic action in higher detail, but like the first encounter HD, the weapon sounds didn't received any update at all...
Some Second Encounter screenies and videos, ill just post em here instead of makin another thread...


Doesn't the repetitiveness cripple the gaming experience after some time? Kinda like in L4D single player?
depends on the person, i like to fall back to this type of repetitive run and gun shooter game from time to time after playing some serious ones such as stalker, great stress reliever after a stressful day :), i wonder if they would remake the other game as well? but i guess not since thats "HD" already and is not as fun as the first 2.
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