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Serious problems with Pete's Soft driver

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The game is Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare, usually use the plugin in 3d,(OpenGL and D3D) but this game has some small problems with these(in the Offscreen Drawing) so I thought that with this plugin, the game would not have problems, but it was just the opposite, the game with this plugin has many problems, so I thought of to make an screenshot and to put it here to demonstrate the problem, but even in this, the plugin has problems.
This it is my configuration of the plugin
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yeah I get the same problem too
more too come...
here is another problem, the colors are all wrong in the einhander's opening with pete's OGL & D3D plugins.

here's a pic of einhander in OpenGL
now the same scene in the software render (had to use the windows print screen command)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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