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Serching for friend who play Unreal Tournament

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I like UT very much.
If anyone in here play UT.
Please let me know :)
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no...sorry. What about CounterStrike? Or Starcraft?
Bad thing is CS is too popular here no one in thailand play UT even server still have none. Only game online you can found is CS only.
I play UT ALOT :)

Send me a msg if u ever want to play online!! I am ckiller in UT!!
Let talk by ICQ my UIN is 127524051
UT is a very good game but... only with infiltration mod. Is the best Gun silmulater, alghout counter strike is The Game. When i get it may be i´ll play with u guys...:)
By the way what the heck is CS???:confused:
I play UT also, but my pc kinda sucks and it takes ages for the game to load. Inside the game, 25 is the avarege fps. That's not all, you would never like to play with me, since I have a ****ing slow connection(56k modem).
CS = CounterStrike
BTW There are some mod which similar like infiltration called "Tactical Ops" you can find out more detail at
PS.I love CTF Facing World so much :p
Originally posted by Enigma1982
PS.I love CTF Facing World so much :p
Dude, Facing Worlds is just the best CTF map! I have the original one, Facing Worlds SE and Facing Worlds II. They're great!
Heh, UT is still one of my favorites :) I just gotta reconfigure it and all, I don't want to have any sudden crashes and the last time I checked it my PC kinda screwed up.
All the new 'CPHS' (whatever) and all those lame skins are quite annoying, imho.. useless crap, it used to be much easier to find a suitable, fast server without having to download any extra stuff. A dedicated server for a NGEmu match would be better :)

CTF-Worlds (and its sequel) is decent indeed, it seems to be the favorite of many but I guess I kinda missed the thrill myself. DM-Tempest and DM-Turbine are still one of my favorites, which happen to be in the UT demo as well; the demo was one of the best times I've ever had with UT, it kicked ass :)

Anyway, I'm open to any suggestions...
You know I buy UT because demo.I d/l it and dicovered it very fun then tomorow I went to the mall and buy it.
About NGEmu UT server that is good idea :)
But we still need CSHP because there are some cheater and cheater don't care who we are they just play and cheat you.Believe me play with cheater isn't fun at all.
If you want to open it I offer open in CTF mode(This is best mode I think).Last one there is one problem for me not for everybody I worry about ping>lowwest ping I ever get is 200 at Sigapore server but if in USA or UK server I will get abput 400-500 ping.Well 400-500 that is not problem for me.I just hope it will not higher up to 800 ping that is unplayable for me :(
Heh, I assume CSHP is some anti-cheater thing? :p I never actually knew what it is or how to set it up, I just stumbled upon it the last several times I played online ;)

CTF is cool, though Team-DM is also one of my favorites.

The only UT mod I really like is Instagib, it's pretty cool to play online but since it's not everyone's favorite it might be best not to use it in this case.. and no custom skins/maps either, it takes ages to download them even with a fast connection.

I could set up a dedicated server here, or someone else could; my ping won't be unbearable either way ;) In any case, if we really want to play a couple of matches together we'll need more than 3 players..
Yep CSHP is anti-cheater thing.
You need it.I don't know where you can get this.
Maybe you can serch it at
About player believe me.We will have more when server had create :)
hum... since were talkin about online gaming here, do u get much lag playing w/ a 56k on UT?
Yay, I've just set up an UT server :) It's kinda late here though, and it won't stay online tonight so only check it out today within the next hour (see the time of this post). It will be back online about 12 hours after that, however. Server info:

Address: @ port 7777 (=default port, no need to type it)
Password: Emuforums

Just go to "Multiplayer -> Open Location" in UT, type in the address, then type in the password when prompted.

The server is set on a custom cycle of DM maps atm, and uses CSHP as well (no need to download, that should go automatically when connecting to the server). It's a Win98/Duron600/128MB server with 256kbit upstream, so I should have enough bandwidth for about 8 players. Ofcourse, I can't check without any players ;)

I was kinda bored, so I set up this server... we'll see if there's enough 'animo' for the visitors to play a good ol' game of UT once in a while..

Oh, btw, the server's patched to v436, as it should be. If, for some reason, you don't have that patch installed yet, get it at and install it first. I also have all 4 bonus packs installed, but since it might be too much asked to for everyone to have these, I've only included the original maps in the map cycle.
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Neojag: a 56k modem should be enough for an online game of UT. In fact, my server's set at a maximum of 5k/sec of data to each player, which any decent 56k modem should be able to handle..
Unreal Tournament is a GREAT game. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush you get from an 8-player game in DM-Morbias][.

Fav maps:

- DM-Morbias][
- DM-Morpheus
- DM-Fetid
- DM-Oblivion
- DM-Phobos
- CTF-FaceSE
- AS-Overlord
- AS-HiSpeed

Fav mods:

- Chaos UT ;)
- Flak arena
- Volatile ammo (makes ammo explode when shot)
- InstaGib
- Jumpmatch + Low Gravity

I'd play with you guys, but 56k really isn't enough. One time I was playing on CTF-Face. Since I usually play with low grav on that level, I'm used to being able to jump off the top of the tower. Forgetting that LowGrav was off in this match, I jumped off, hit the ground, and kept running. Literally 10 seconds later I die. 56k just don't cut it. :(
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Asfaloth: mind you, the bandwidth required really depends on where the server's located, how many players are connected etc. The results can vary greatly, so you might want to give it a try nevertheless...

I used to have an ISDN modem at 64k, just a bit more than 56k, and as long as I picked the right server online play went very smooth :)
Hmm... well, what the heck, I'll probably be on around 5PM CST tomorrow. Nick = HAL9000 ;) hope to see y'all there!
I just see this thread I thought it lost
Anyway when you play just call me.
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