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Petes D3D or OGL should be okay. However your videocard is pretty low end and either of those may run too slow or exhibit problems.

If you use one of these 3D plugins try these settings:

Fullscreen @ 640x480 resoltuion, 16bit color, dynamic chaching, check use fps limit and set fps limit to 60, offscreen drawing @ 2, advanced blending @ 0, framebuffer @ black. Ignore the misc settings for now.

Petes soft plugin should work really well because software plugins are almost entirely dependent on CPU power, something your computer is serving up in spades.

If you use this soft plugin just click nice and set the resolution to 320x240 or 640x480.

As for the sound plguin either the internal or eternal SPU's should work well at their default settings. Some games need the SPU Irq option on, some don't.

You'll have to fiddle for a good long while before you get everything working perfectly, also keep in mind different games need different settings.

In my experience playstation emulation is not too ram instensive but upgrading to at least 128 and preferably 256 would be a good investment. Upgrading to any video card with the word GeForce in its name will make a world of difference for your gaming fun.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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