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makotech222 said:
Well i just got my new pc, with a ati x600, and i wanted to sell my old commputers videocard for a few extra bucks to buy more ram for my new one.

So i just wanted to know how much it would sell for.

BFG tech. Nvidia Geforce 5500 fx 256mb.

I bought it last christmas and it still works perfectly.
So, first of all is ayone interested?
Second, is there any place i could go to sell it?

On a side note, i am going to buy my ram from newegg, however i dont know which one yet. I have a dell 9100. Thanks
ebay but i would say you may get around 20-50bucks for it or maynot even that since gf4tis on ebay is 20 bucks so, dont expect a lot.
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