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Selfboot? or ModChip?

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Selfboot? or ModChip? i think there both great, but i think it is a hell of alot easier with the ModChip, besides the fact u have to open it, but its really simple. The Selfboot thing is good, but i have problems doing it. Also, with a ModChip, can it read discs that needs to have selfbooted by people? Wat would u prefer?
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I can't really remember if this discussion is within the rules, but never mind.

Simple as this - if you can mod it yourself (or are willing to pay for someone else to), then do that.
i know, but i want to know if it can do the stuff that a selfbootable disc would or can it boot up emulators that needs to be selfbooted by some files. that all. can u answer for me please? or anyone?
Modification overides the need for a boot disc
Oalboukharey said:
i know, but i want to know if it can do the stuff that a selfbootable disc would or can it boot up emulators that needs to be selfbooted by some files. that all. can u answer for me please? or anyone? has got selfbootable images of emulators, just get the CDI's and burn them with Alcohol. If you want to go for nero, stick with Nero 5.x which seems to work better than Nero 6.x, I use Nero 5.564 which works perferctly, even the latest 5.x seem to have some problems with DC emulated stuff, don't ask me why.

Another good solution when creating emulator/homebrew discs is burning the DCHakker utility on one disc, and create a second disc with all the plain files on it for the emulators in the root. You will need only one IP.bin, but it's included with every download though. Just rename all the 1_stread.bin to [app name].bin. You can even create multisession discs, just as long as you all burn it with the same app, same version, same way, otherwise it might cause things not to work, which was my problem when using Nero 5.x on my own computer and Nero 6.x on an other one. Roms and everything you can put in the folders you want to use for the emulators.

And wether or not you disc is selfbootable depends on the disc and the way it's burned (the two track way, find tutorials @ site mentioned before), not really on the modchip or whatever. A modchip is only needed with DC when you don't want to use a bootdisc like Utopia (for imports and backups), DCHakker (emulators/homebrew), DC-X (best import player). But if you don't care about discswapping save yourself the effort of modding :)

Ps. Ironic isn't it, us talking about modchips being illegal, while ngemu still provides Utopia bootdisc, while Utopia was the first group to release game images :rolleyes:

Ps#2. for some DC tools which might also help for creating selfbootable discs.
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Cool, thanks for all the info. So basically, does the Modchip does the job of booting a Backup game without having to go through all the trouble (wich i do) in order to make it selfboot without the modchip? same thing with just burning emulators to disc without doing anything at all to it?
Well I don't have a modchip myself, from what I've seen on a site once there also seem to be modchips that boot imports only, so no backups wether they're made yourself or downloaded.
But if you want a non-selfbootable backed up gamedisc work just use the Utopia disc which you can find on NGemu. It seems to work fine for a lot of games. If you want to load imports and homebrew/emu's however, there are better bootdiscs. But I do not know anything about modchips for DC, never needed them actually since I'm a modding newbie I'd prefer to stick to bootdiscs as I'd rather not screw up my DC. But I do know that for homebrew stuff it is absolutely a waste of money and effort to get yourself a modchip as there are a lot of utilities that will help creating nice selfbooting discs, although I never tried them since I'm sticking with the easiest method: Burning plain files on one disc and loading them up with the DCHakker bootdisc.

The DC is a very easy machine to use homebrew on and also to use pirated/backed up games on because of it's ability of being able to (self)boot any CD-r, so that makes a modchip really unneeded.
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Thanx for that again, but i was sure that a ModChip can be able to accept burned CDs as they can bypass the authorisation code to know if its an original and if it is an European Disc (im from the UK by the way). Im sure thats wat it does. Someone correct me if im wrong.
That might be possible but I cannot confirm that for you, neither can I deny it. So hopefully someone else might be able to answer that question for you. :)
dc had a mod chip????
I don't recall ever hearing about one since it was so easy to boot without one...
No he is serious, I've heard more about overclocked DC's than chipped ones :p
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