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sega saturn question

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hello,i got a sega saturn yesterday(with a playstaion one for 15 bucks for both at that) and ill turn it off for maybe an hour and when i turn it back on it asks for the time and date,is it the lithium ion battery(the battery like the one that runs the gba sp,just incase im wrong) has gone dead,and if it has how can i recharge it,or will i need to purchase a new one?

thanks in advance
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It's not a lithium ion, but you got the right idea. There's a little battery at the back, when you open a little closed tab (kinda like on the bottom of remotes) Anyways it's one of those small coin sized batteries ;) Mine went dead years ago, but I really couldn't care less if it knows the correct time! :p You can get them usually for around $5.00 - $8.00 US - or around there :)
well then,5-8 bucks is a used game,i guess ill just keep pressing a then,thanks for the reply and help
No problem. Yea, those batteries - although cheap, are a pain in the ass to buy and replace :p My Pocketstation used to always drain if you placed it on a speaker or anything even slightly magnetic. I ended up replacing the battery twice, and wasting 16 bucks! Well, now it is just a pretty and expensive memory card ^^
Better hope they aren't the same batteries as used in the DC's VMU, those are expensive as hell and have capacity zero :(
They are the same as PC BIOS batteries, so I just ook a dead board and nicked one outta that.
I'm not sure if it applies to the Saturn as well but with the Dreamcast after you set the time for the first time you must leave the console turned on for at least 2 hours. Perhaps you didn't leave your Saturn turned on enough time...
The Saturn uses one CR2032 battery, same as the DC VMU, luckily, it lasts way longer in the Saturn. I had one that went for 2 years before it finally ran out. But i wouldn't recommend waiting for it to run out as you'll lose all your saves in the internal memory. Lost my best Nights scores that way... :(
I'll be backing up all my saves on to my Action Replay.... once I get a few new games.
well the main reason why i wanted the saturn is for metal slug,but its only an import, then i saw you have to buy the action replay(30 dollars us) to play most of capcoms last games,metal slug and a few others,i remember i liked one game with a fly in it shooting a movie(i think it was called bug),ill just get it and maybe in due time ill get metal slug and the other greats
>well the main reason why i wanted the saturn is for metal slug,but its only an import,

Play it on the Neo Geo then ;)
Whoah Kane! Triple post ^_^

Hey nintendofreak, I have Bug!. That game is hella fun!
Trust me you will want to own a Saturn to play all the numerous superb Sega titles that were released for it (the Panzer dragoon series, Shining Force scenario III, etc)... you are quite lucky, you don't find them for such a low prices at Ebay... ;)
>Whoah Kane! Triple post ^_^

Forums were ninja slow this afternoon.
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