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Animation suite substitutes for mo-cap

USA Index Corporation announced today that it has acquired the distribution rights to Sega Animanium in every territory outside of Asia. Animanium apparently creates realistic human movement without motion capture technology. The full version of the software retails for $795, and Turbo Squid, who is offering the product online at, is selling it for the introductory price of $595.

"Animanium will let animators and game developers maintain high standards while cutting costs and programming time," said Sam Okamoto, president of USA Index Corporation. "We are eager to bring this new technology to the U.S."

"Animanium represents a truly unique way of bringing your 3D characters to life," said Beau Perschall, vice president of publishing for Turbo Squid. "Sega has developed an award-winning IK engine and built it into an elegant workflow that lets artists animate their creations without a cluttered interface. With so many systems growing in complexity, it's great to see a piece of software that approaches character animation with remarkably simple and intuitive workflow. I'm very excited about what Sega has delivered to the 3D community."
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