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Hey All,
Here is a code question for which I seek an answer! ^^
my problem:
Since a very long time, when games began to cross the american borders from japan, some localisators in the US had the most dumb idea on earth : change button configuration.
For some ****in' unknown reason, the default keys ARE systematically changed in the US version of the games.
This is even true for game systems, such as the PS2, on which you select with "X" and cancel with "O" as opposed to the jap system where it is the other way round (cancel=X and select=0).
For import players like me, this IS A PAIN in the ass to play US versions as my logics are (forever?) based on the jap version.
For exemple, playing US Xenogears with the changed american button config SPOILT the game for me. How can you f*ckin' JUMP with TRIANGLE and CALL MENU with SQUARE??? THIS IS MADNESS!! ^_^
And now the same thing happens in PS2 US Devil May Cry AND MANY OTHER GAMES that don't have button assignment configuration feature. Why ON EARTH do they do this when japanese button configs are perfect??
This will always remain a mystery to me.
Hell, doesn't CROSS=X make you think of "cancel" rather than "select"!!?? (I mean instinctively!!?)
Now, I have all my hopes coming back when I heard of the gameshark device. ^^!!!
So, (sorry this post is long) my question is : Are there ANY ways to create PS or PS2 Gameshark CODES to put the button configuration back to what we want for some games? For many games with the same code?
Let's say I want to play US Xenogears with the jap button config, can a GS code allow that, to remap buttons???
I own GS & GS2 and would LOVE to see such codes.
Is it at least possible technically?
Thanks very much for any info, support, directions, and pretty much everything else you can tell me on this matter.
Thanks also for your time reading this ;)
Also, Bobbi, any news from Segu?? I wrote him many times but no answers. I hope he's alright.
Hope to hear from you soon.


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ok first off, i would seriously doubt that you could simply put in a code that would remap the controller. the controller configuration is usually a pretty integral part of the software and just changing a few hex values or whatever in a single spot prolly wont do it for you.
for the ps2, yur prolly stuck. interact has not released a gs2pro type dealy where you can hack your own codes. so unless some staff members there feal as adamantly about this as you do, you probably arent ever gonna see codes of this sort.
for the psx, if you really wanna try, you will need a gspro and hack your own code. i have no idea on how to approach this since i do not on one myself but if its possible, then you could do it. you just have to be careful you dont crash the game while doing it..
my own suggestion to the psx dilemma is just to play it on an emulator and remap the gamepad buttons manually. that would be the easist thing to do without having to figure out your own codes.
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