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I'm translating the N64 game Sin and Punishment and I've pretty much got all of it done side from the ending. Unfortunately it exceeds my skills in Japanese and I'm making this thread in an attempt to catch the attention of someone here who might be good in Japanese. And I don't just need any old joe, I need someone who knows Japanese like the back of their hand and knows Kanji well enough that they can make them out from low res. I've attached a picture of what I believe to be the average difficulty of the dialogue, if you can translate it you're in and once completing the parts I need translated will be added to the credits that show at the start of the game (and in the readme for good measure). It's not a whole lot you'll have to translate; about 82 dialogue boxes (containing from 1 word to 2 sentences max).

PS: I couldn't really decide on which section to post it in, but since the translation of an N64 game doesn't necessary mean the translator has to know anything about or have an interest in N64, so I made it here (also I think I would get more attention here).
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