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Looks like the war on terror has shifted to the U.K.

If this happens enough the U.K. will look like Iraq.

The only way to deal with these religious fanatics is to lock them for life and when appropiate kill them. These fanatics are nothing but barbarians that threaten the fabrics of western life. No negotiations can be done with them, no appeasement is possible, they have a lack of morality and civility, their only aim of them is killing. My thoughts goes out to the brave people of London. I hope you find the strenght and firmness needed to deal appropiately with these most awful situation you are facing.
Killing and imprisonment is what is makng more of them in the first place. This is like taking a hammer and trying to kill ants. You many kill some of them but you won't kill all of them.

I'm suprised nobody as asked why they are killing in the first place.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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