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At this time, I would have to say that the second best PSX emulator is VGS, by virtue of its shear compatability. It has better sound and greater compatability than ePSXe, but it's graphics are those of a regular PSX, blocky and pixelated. Plus it runs in software mode only. But for compatability it is still ahead, but not by much. After VGS I would reccomend Adripsx, as it is quite good already and progressing rapidly. Plus if you want a bit of nostolgia, you can always give PSEMU PRO a try. Even though it has long since been stopped, it still plays a decent amount of games, uses 3D and the plugin system that ePSXe and Adripsx use. PSEMU PRO was the first PSX emulator to use the plugin system. So we have it's authors, Duddie and Tratax, to thank for giving us this great system. BTW, VGS is not free. The cost is about $30 US dollars. Adripsx and PSEMU PRO are free. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts