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For those of you using VBA on Linux (and not for the light of heart), I've posted a patch to the CVS version of Visual Boy Advance that adds an extra OpenGL rendering pass option to the SDL version. While this probably won't speed things up any (it's doing all the OpenGL stuff on top of the standard rendering), it does let you use a filter and still run the emulator in 3x or 4x scale mode.

If you don't know how to apply a patch already, this isn't for you, wait for it to make it into a release. If you do, you'll need to run 'aclocal && automake && autoconf' after applying it and before doing the usual configure and make routine, because it make some changes to the build system to link in the OpenGL libraries. It's a bit of a hackjob, so good luck getting it to for me is all I can say.

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