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20/12/05 - ScummVM DS v0.5 Released

Changes in this version:

* CD audio is supported using IMA-ADPCM compressed WAV files
* Direct file system support now works on the M3 and Supercard CF
* An on-screen keyboard to name saves
* Interact with the zoomed view by swapping the screens over with X
* Zoom in/out by holding L and pressing A or B
* Scroll the screen with the pen while holding L
* Improved the way the zoomed view follows the talking character
* Music support in FM TOWNS games
* Sound volume improved, and sound glitching fixed
* Left handed mode
* Help screen added
* D-pad controls in the front end
* Numerous other bug fixes

Please note that Supercard SD is not yet supported!

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Thanks hushy :)

Well I've double clicked on the thread's name and it highlighted just like I could Edit it and when I've clicked out of it the marks remained there :(

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hi everybody,

Scummvm ds v 0.5 works perfectly on my ds by the M3(for Monkey island 1&2, sam n max with all musics and voices, day of the tentacle with all musics and voices), but not for the dig or full throttle ( it crashes while launching).
Has somebody tried them? did they work?

I noticed too that some talkie versions of lucasarts games like samnmax worked but without voices (mine from a lucasarts collection). for those who have a CD audio versions ( audio files in wav) u can re-encode it by cdex or an other program, for this please visit scummvm ds homepage, all is explained.

I heard that we can play other non lucasarts games like simon the sorcerer 1 and 2 , Do somebody knows if there is a compatibility lists of games for scummvm DS? i found one for scummvm, but not for the port for DS which seems to have a different compatibility list.


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I'm not sure, but I read something about the Dig and Full Throttle not working.

Compatibility compared to other versions of ScumVM was mostly the same I think. I tried some older version of ScummVM, and IIRC I ran a Simon the Sorcerer game on it (forgot which version).

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scumm ds

Mmmmh, i think not, cause Full throttle and the dig were working on scummvm (version 0.8xx), but not on scummvm ds 0.5. I also have another problem with loom cd version, which works perfectly on the last scummvm version ( and the others i think) , but doesn t play any sound on the DS.
This is due to wav audio cd file which comes with.
AgentQ who made this port for ds explains on his site how to re encode these wav files with cdex, the problem is that there s all the sounds and musics on the same big wav audio file. Even if i re encode it as agentQ says, it effectively plays sound, but with message error in the console and the sound is played randomly, aaaaaargh, few hours spent for nothing!!!

I have also to play the floppy versions to have any sound on DS for Zak MCKraken, Monkey island 1 and LOOM ( Of course, there s no cd version for Full throttle and the dig!), but it s sad cause the graphics aren t in 256 mode, they re in EGA. i tried t mail agentQ, but still doesn t replies.

All that to say that the compatibility list isn t the same for scummvm and scummvm ds.alll the compatibility lists i found on forums were theorical lists, so here s mine:

for scummvm ds V0.5:

Monkey island II cd version and floppy; works
Sam n max original cd full talkie version (~200MB): works
sam n max talkie from lucasarts collections packs (~150MB): works without voices
Sam n max floppy non talkie (~10MB); works
Day of the tentacle original cd talkie version (~200MB); works
Day of the tentecle from lucaarts collections packs (~150MB); works without voices
Day of the tentacle floppy version (~7MB); works
Monkey Island I CD 256 version ( ~40MB);works without music
Monkey Island I floppy 256 version (~4MB); works
Monkey Island II (all versions); works
Indy IV and III (256 version); works
Zak MCKraken EGA version; works
Zak MCKraken 256 version; works without sounds and music ( seems to be the same on scummvm PC)
Loom cd 256 version (4 MB + 40 MB audio file re encoded with cdex), works without voices and music
Loom floppy EGA version; works
Full throttle;Doesn t work
The dig ; doesn t work

So if somebody could complete this list for other games or correct it if they found a solution to play one of these non working games correctly on his DS.

I just want to precise that there were french versions, except for loom cd

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