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screen blacked out

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i was running Suikoden 2 on ePSXe and was playing it pretty well
when the screen blacked out after the part where the fort was taken by prince Luca, and after the mdec, the game showed a black screen. However it occured to me that the game was still running, just that the screen has blacked out. Can anyone help me?

I have used both SCPH 7001 and 1001 as bios,
with Pete's D3D Driver 1.48, ePSXe SPU core 1.4.0. and ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.4.0.
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I've had a similar problem with Chrono Cross in ePSXe - the game goes to a black screen at specific points and basically freezes, although the music still plays and I can still load and save states. I've tried combinations of every SPU, GPU and CD plugin and it still goes black at the exact same points. I have no idea why...
Have u try pressing f4/f7?
i don't know since i don't encounter this while playing CC...just my poor suggestion!!!
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